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  • Need life insurance but not sure what type to purchase? Buy term (death only) policy with conversion privilege. This feature will allow you to convert to permanent (cash value) insurance at a future date after you learn if that type is right for you.
  • Review your current insurances & investments now. No one cares more about your money than you do. If you need guidance seek professional advice from a Certified Financial Planner - CFP.
  • Have an attorney specializing in estate planning review your Will, Power of Attorney, Deeds & other legal documents whenever you have a major event in your life. Marriage, divorce, childbirth, caring for elderly relatives are some of those events. If you're the one with sudden change in health who is going to care for you?
  • Learn about Long Term Care (LTC) insurance. Somebody in the family will have to pay for senior care & the patient could be you! Obtain insurance now or watch assets melt away from nursing home expenses. 
  • Think of your financial advisor like a doctor. Good idea to get another opinion from time to time because no one is right all the time.
  • Is your accountant, insurance agent or stock broker also your financial planner? No advisor can be a jack of all trades. Be cautious of any firm claiming to be all things to all people.
  • You spent years building a business. Take a few hours to preserve it at your death. Have an estate plan prepared. Otherwise the IRS will provide the planning for you. It won't be pretty.
  • Tax free/tax deferred/tax favored: Roth IRA & life insurance/401K & traditional IRA/annuities/dividends & capital gains. Take advantage of these.
  • Saving too much better than saving too little. Enjoy life but be reasonable in your savings habits. You'll need cash tomorrow.
  • There's nothing immoral about using tax saving strategy. Wealthy people have learned these methods. You & your family can manage money better than the government. Learn how to keep more of what you've worked for.
  • Reasons to consider professional financial planning: You care about yourself  your family - your business - someone or something else.
  • Protect your assets & personal information. Computer scams/cyber fraud new problems for older generation. Teach your parents not to give credit card information to unknown telemarketers.